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Fire extinguishers:

1. There are 4 basic types of Fire extinguishers. These are Dry Chemical, Foam, Carbon Dioxide, Water. Depending on your needs buy whichever is best for you. The store / company you purchase it from should advise you about where to place it, how to use it and where to have it serviced or tested. 

Make sure that you are shown how to use it and have all members of your family try it out just to be sure they are comfortable with it I case of an emergency.

Extinguishers should be installed near an escape route and now placed too near a potential hazard.

Before and emergency make sure you and your family / co. workers practice the P.A.S.S. method of fire extinguisher use.

P = Pull the pin

A= Aim the nozzle or horn at the base of the fire

S = Squeeze the handle

S = sweep from side to side at the base of the fire

Remember that other extinguishers may have to be operated differently. 

Check with the salesperson or at your local fire station for more advice.

Carbon monoxide alarm

Carbon Monoxide detectors are designed to detect carbon monoxide gas to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. This gas is an odorless, coloress and tasteless gas which is produced by incomplete combustion of materials. Long exposure to this gas is usually fatal. 

CO will detect a dangerous build up of gas and give an alarm. 

These units may be battery operated or connected to an electrical circuit or both. Some may be hooked up to an Alarm Company. 

Again, these need to be tested on a regular basis.

Smoke detectors

Are designed to detect smoke. The smoke may be from a fire or an electrical short circuit or may be a person smoking where it is forbidden. 

With working Smoke alarms it has been reported that the death risk is reduced by half. 

However, some homes / businesses do not have alarms or it may not have batteries installed or sometimes the detector may just not work at all. But it is better to have them installed and working than not at all. 

Again, when purchasing and installing smoke detectors – get good advice before you do this.

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